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Blaye is an important old town on the Gironde estuary.

citadel-sky The 17th century citadel is a Unesco world heritage site and well worth a visit.
In the 17th century, Louis XIV ordered Vauban to strengthen the existing fortifications at the Citadel of Blaye to protect the city of Bordeaux, located upstream of the estuary on the Garonne River. As the cannons at the time did not have sufficient range to cover the 3 km width of the river – and thus prevent the enemy from reaching the city – Vauban built two more forts. With Fort Paté, Fort Médoc and the improved fortifications of the Citadel of Blaye, Vauban was able to set up cross-fires and prevent enemies from sailing up to Bordeaux.

blaye_citadel Citadelle de Blaye

Early in April (12-13 april 2014) there is the ¨Printemps des vins de Blaye¨ held inside of the citadel, this weekend is for the wine aficionado with over 80 producers exhibiting their wares (if tasting a lot then do take a designated driver) Also many demontrations of cuisine, barrel making, and a river trip all for the entrance fee of about 5 euro!

IMG_2213 IMG_2211

Wednesday and Saturday mornings for the market at Blaye, but go early or you will miss the bargains.



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